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              This filling machine can fill both liquid and thick liquid like cooking oil, lubricant oil, beverage, honey, jam, sauce, meat paste, shampoo, and cosmetics etc. For liquid product, adopts non-return valve; ?for thick liquid, adopts rotary valve.?


              1. SUS316L灌裝頭和活塞,SUS304框架,
              2. 厚度5mm SUS316L珩磨活塞缸
              3. SUS316L活塞配范密封
              4. SUS316L全金屬閥
              5. 采用靜音無劃痕的德國進口軸承
              6. 每個灌裝頭都有檢測,任一個灌裝頭工作不正常會報警停機
              7. 每個閥都有檢測,任一個閥不工作會報警停機
              8. 意大利進口塑料管道

              Our advantages:?

              1. SUS316L filling nozzles and piston pump, SUS304 for machine frame.
              2. 5MM thick SUS316L honing piston pump, which is more smooth without leak.
              3. SUS316L piston with special sealing ring from Germany
              4. SUS316L valve( non-return valve for liquid; rotary valve for thick liquid)?
              5. Adopt silent and scratch free bearing imported from Germany
              6. With detecting system in each filling nozzle, it would alarm and stop automatically if any nozzle doesn’t work. And it shows in touch screen.
              7. With detecting system in each valve, it would alarm and stop automatically if any valve doesn’t work. And it shows in touch screen.
              8. The hose imported from Italy.?


              1. 整機可調,適用于不同瓶形及尺寸
              2. 適用于任一可立容器
              3. 灌裝頭數1-16可選,亦可根據產量要求定做
              4. 裝量范圍10ml-5L內可選
              5. 灌裝誤差可達到±0.1%


              1. The machine is adjustable, it is applicable for different bottle sizes and shapes.
              2. Applicable for any kind of vertical container.
              3. The filling nozzles is optional from 1 to 16 according to the capacity.
              4. The volume is optional from 10ml to 5000ml
              5. The minimum accuracy can be ±0.1%
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